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Importans :
Samsung devices with + 4.3 must enable "Hardware Acceleration " from settings to play in background Mode .
Viral is an innovative video player that has many features .
For those of you who like to multi-task, it allows you to pop-out and float your videos above any other app, so you can watch a video and send text messages, emails or just browse the Internet. If your device is powerful enough, you can even view multiple floating videos!
You can also choose to visualize your videos in fullscreen mode or minimize the playing video to the notification tray so you can listen to the audio in the background  great for listening music or podcasts from YouTube while you're on the run!
This app has the following features to give you the best seamless and intuitive experience:

"?Support ChromeCast from any stream video .
" Connect to your YouTube account (access to Watch Later, My Uploads, Playlists&)
" Resizable Pop-up player, which can also play local videos from your video gallery
" Multiple Pop-up player at same time.
" Minimize to notification bar and play in the background
" Change video resolutions from 144p up to 720p
" Tab sliding interface for easy navigation (change brightness and volume directly by swiping on the video)
" Highly customizable interface with lots of settings and options, and more&!

Before leaving a low rating, please consider contacting us (email below) with your feedback first. We appreciate your comments and suggestions, and we are willing to help resolve any issues you might have. We hope to make this app the ultimate mobile companion to your video viewing experience!
if u want help us to make this app perfect please join us in this group to become beta tester :
<a href="https:www.google.comurl?q=https:www.google.comurl?q%3Dhttps:plus.google.comu0communities112186798528436559951%26sa%3DD%26usg%3DAFQjCNF7aaOnWZWBWgfRZPSlxqafIL1p8A&sa=D&usg=AFQjCNGCCmBh5PtUqiwmBVZqj0IaNiC71Q" target="_blank">https:plus.google.comu0communities112186798528436559951<a>

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